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you can enclose such strings in triple quotes.

  1. Which of the following statements is false?

    Set method add inserts its argument if the argument is not already in the set; otherwise, the set remains unchanged.

    Set method remove removes its argument from a set. A KeyError occurs if the value is not in the set.

    Method discard also removes its argument from a set but does not cause an exception if the value is not in the set.

    You can remove the first element of a set with pop.

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  1. Which of the following statements is false?

    The while statement allows you to repeat one or more actions while a condition remains True.

    The following code sets product to the first power of 2 larger than 64:

    product = 2
    while product < 64:
    product = product * 2

    Something in a while statement’s suite must ensure that the condition eventually becomes False. Otherwise, a logic error called an infinite loop occurs.

    In applications executed from a Terminal, Command Prompt or shell, type Ctrl + c or control + c (depending on your keyboard) to terminate an infinite loop.

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  1. Which of the following statements is false?

    You may perform arithmetic operations and augmented assignments between arrays of the same shape.

    Arithmetic between arrays of integers and floating-point numbers results in an array of integers.

    You can compare arrays with individual values and with other arrays. Comparisons are performed element-wise. Such comparisons produce arrays of Boolean values in which each element’s True or False value indicates the comparison result.

    The expression numbers >= 13 uses broadcasting to determine whether each element of numbers is greater than or equal to 13.

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  1. Which of the following statements is false?

    A string delimited by single quotes may include double-quote characters:

    print(‘Display “hi” in quotes’)

    A string delimited by double quotes may include single quote characters:

    print(“Display the name O’Brien”)

    A string delimited by double quotes may not include double quotes.

    To avoid using ‘ and ” inside strings


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