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strategic management

Assignment details
This is an individual assignment. It takes the form of a report. It requires that you select a firm from anywhere in the world and identify 2 internal and 2 external factors that could affect the firm’s ability to strategically compete in its market. You will then need to summarise these factors and propose the 1 most challenging factor that could affect the firm’s strategy. The proposed headings and word count per heading are shown below:
· Executive summary
· Background to the firm
· Internal factors affecting the firm
· External factors affecting the firm
· Major challenge facing the firm Proposed approach to tackling the challenge
The work will require that you use a minimum of 10 references of which 5 at a minimum of need to be academic, and 5 can be from the firm’s web site, business news and other credible sources of information. It must be on Harvard style.
The firm can be any company of any size from anywhere in the world as long as it can be found online.
Word count
1000 words (+/-10%) exclude tables, bibliography and cover sheet


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