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Informal Writing Assignment: Perceptions, Attitudes, Understanding and Feelings


Assignment details: This writing assignment requires you to give an honest assessment of your perceptions, attitudes, and feelings about statistics. Your paper should be formatted as introduction, paragraphs, and conclusion. The length of the paper must be at least 1 full page that address the following questions:


  1. Discuss your attitudes and feelings about taking statistics. Use one of the following frames to start writing your perceptions of statistics.
  2. Statistics is…
  3. Taking a statistics class make me feel…
  • In order to reduce my anxiety about taking statistics I will…


  1. What are your major (Communication: Mass Media) concerns about taking a course in statistics?


  1. Discuss your personal objective for this course and discuss in detail the steps you will take to achieve these objectives.


  1. What do know about Statistics form your K-12 Education?


  1. How does Statistics play a role to your major?


Grading: I will judge the essay on the following criteria:

  • Style, clarity, and mechanics of writing




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