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Suppose that a sample has been drawn from a normal popu- lation to conduct the hypothesis test H: 62 31 H: 62 > 31 Assume that you know that the sample variance is s2 = 55, the sample size is n=24, and take a = 0.08. Draw the sampling distribution, and use it to determine each of the following: A. The value of the standardized test statistic: Note: For the next part, your answer should use interval no- tation. An answer of the form (-00, a) is expressed (-infty, a), an answer of the form (b,00) is expressed (b, infty), and an answer of the form (-0, a) (6,00) is expressed (-infty, a)U(b, infty). B. The rejection region for the standardized test statistic: C. The p-value is D. Your decision for the hypothesis test:

• A. Do Not Reject Ho.
• B. Reject H.
• C. Reject Ho.
D. Do Not Reject H.


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