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SNHU Online Classes Determining Requirements Paper



Colleges and universities have begun offering online classes in order to attract a global audience. The concept of online classes was once considered challenging and complex. Today, schools have become more proficient in developing systems that serve thousands of students living anywhere in the world. These systems, sometimes called learning management systems (LMS), display course content, manage different user accounts, store grades, and more! In this assignment, you will research an LMS of your choice and how it provides its users with secured interaction, content, technical support, and more. You may also use your own experience as a student using Brightspace, Southern New Hampshire University’s LMS. With your knowledge of the system and your experience as a student, you will assume the role of a systems analyst who is designing a similar system for YOUser University, a new college offering online courses.


Assume the role of a systems analyst designing an LMS for YOUser University. You have been asked to determine different functional and nonfunctional requirements for the new LMS. You have also been asked to determine limitations and assumptions for your system design. You will be asked to provide a rationale for your work, and to support your reasoning with quality sources.

  • Research learning management systems used at other colleges. Commonly used LMSs include Brightspace, Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle. Additionally, you may consider your own experiences as a student. Here are a few questions you might consider to guide your research:
    • What different functionalities do these systems have? What different functions do the systems perform?
    • What behavioral properties do these systems have?
      • Who are the different users and what types of access do they have?
      • What platforms do these systems operate on?
      • What security measures do these systems use?
      • How do these systems back up and recover data?
  • Based on your research, complete the Module Two Assignment Template included below. You will describe the requirements, assumptions, and limitations for the LMS you are designing for YOUser University. Be sure to do each of the following:
    • Identify six different functional requirements for your LMS. For each requirement, you must include a rationale that explains why you chose that specific requirement.
    • Identify six different nonfunctional requirements for your LMS. For each requirement, you must include a rationale that explains why you chose that specific requirement.
    • Identify two assumptions and two limitations for this LMS design project. For each assumption and limitation, you must include a rationale that explains your choice.
    • Finally, be sure to include citations in APA format for the sources you used to help you determine different requirements, or explain your rationale.

TIP: The Module Two resources contain helpful links and examples of functional and nonfunctional requirements, assumptions, and limitations for different types of systems. These examples, in addition to your research, may be helpful to review as you complete this assignment.


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