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Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help.  
1) Do you think that its really fair to say that the ‘current’ girl is the same person as the girl who did this–And whether its fair to punish the current girl for what the past girl did?…..Or is it fair not to….? If we do punish her, are we punishing the same girl as the past girl, before the accident? (To make it clear: The girl’s transformation was not just temporary amnesia or memory loss—She came out of this experience with an entirely new personality , habits, and values, as well as having no recollection of the incident).  
2) AND HOW IS THIS LIKE THE “SHIP OF THESEUS” EXAMPLE (in terms of the problem of establishing identity or self-identity). How can we legitimately call a person -–like the ship—the ‘same person’ over time and through life’s changes changes? Are we or aren’t we genuinely ‘different people’ as we evolve through life? What do you think?

Philosophy homework help


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