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Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. Philosophy Final Exam
Please provide answers to the questions below, noting the length guidelines in parentheses.
You may consult any of the materials I provided in class – the handouts, the online activities, and the class recordings.  But you may not quote directly from these sources.  Your essays must be 100% in your own words.

  1. What is dualism? (1-2 sentences)


  1. What is physicalism? (1-2 sentences)


  1. Explain ONE of the arguments for dualism or physicalism that we discussed in class: the Mary argument, the Princess Elizabeth argument, OR the what-it’s-made-of argument (not all three).

Hint: be clear about what the argument you choose is an argument for – dualism or physicalism.  (100-300 words)
What is determinism?  (1-2 sentences)

  1. If determinism is true, how does that undermine the possibility of free will? (100-250 words)

Note: I do not expect you to talk about compatibilism – we did not get a chance to cover that in sufficient detail.

Philosophy homework help


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