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Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help.

Forum for Lesson 8: Are You Consuming or Being Consumed?

You will complete 1 Forum for each Lesson.  Each Forum will be worth 30 points.  You will receive 20 points for your original forum post and 5 points each for your 2 peer posts.  For the original post, I expect two good paragraphs, a good paragraph being 8-12 sentences with unity, coherence, and authentic reflection.  Your 2 peer posts should be 1 good paragraph each.
In this forum, tell us about how media, technology and the corporate world influence your life.  What types of media/technology are in your life everyday, which do you rely on, spend the most time with, wish you could do without, etc? How does it feel to be part of a consumer world?  Review your own social media accounts.  What do they tell the world about your values, happiness, beliefs?  Then, evaluate the positive and negative aspects of such influence in your life.
For “A” work in your Forum, did you
write 2 full paragraphs (a full paragraph being at least 8-12 sentences) for your original post?
write 1 full paragraph for each of your 2 peer posts?
respond with sincerity and civility?
speak from an authentic and interested voice?

Philosophy homework help


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