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Consider the design of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. Which diagram, method, or approach will you will use or apply? The answer to each sub-question can be a diagram (e.g., SysML activity diagram), a method (e.g., functional decomposition), an approach (e.g., object-oriented design process), or any description (e.g., vision statement or transition plan): Here is one example: Question: Describe the procedure that the users will use the UPS in their daily life. Answer: SysML Activity Diagram

1) Define the description that the customers accept.

2) Consider the UPS as a black box and analyze its input/output flows.
3) Define the interactions that the UPS should have from the views of connected computers and users.
4) Describe the domain of the backup power systems.
5) Define the goal of my new UPS that I will design.
6) Identify the key issues of my previous design
7) Define the timeline of developing fast charging and durable capabilities.
8) Define a possible idea for the UPS that we will decinn


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