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Question 3 Scott Disick Enterprise is the largest professional services network in the world in both revenues and the number of professionals. In 2012-13, they earned a record of USD 45.3 billion in revenue. Disick found that their current method of Performance Management, annual 360-degree feedbacks were wasting a shocking 2 million per year. Even more significant, they realised that their system was not engaging employees at all. Performance levels were also dropping drastically. To combat this, Scott Disick built something much nimbler, real-time, and individualised. They wanted something that was focused on fuelling performance in the present rather than assessing it in the past. A. Given the environment in which Scott Disick operates, recommend TWO (2) other methods of performance appraisals that the company could use with its staff and state why you believe each would be effective. (8 marks) B. Design a Performance Appraisal instrument for the company that will be most effective. (12 marks) (Total 20 marks)


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