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Assume you are the training manager who approves or rejects tuition reimbursement requests from employees working toward their degrees. One employee, Jeff Lane, has completed and received an A in Accounting I. He recently submitted a request for $389 which includes $250 for tuition, $25 for a late registration fee, and $114 for books. However, the company will reimburse 100 percent of tuition costs only. Write a memo giving Jeff the bad news that the company is not reimbursing him for the full amount he has requested. Use your imagination to add details that make this more realistic. For example, makeup and cite the current tuition reimbursement policy or mention the page numbers of the employee handbook that state the tuition reimbursement information. As always, keep the tone courteous. Keep in mind the guidelines for bad news/indirect memos. Use the correct format (the format I gave you for Memo Assignment 1). Your grade will also be based on the following: • appropriateness of tone (this is an indirect memo) • appropriate paragraph length and a number of paragraphs (minimum of three) • proper spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure and lack of typographical errors; Times New Roman font, 12 pt. size • no list – a list emphasizes (you want to de-emphasize fault) Things to think about: What about the subject line? How can you start the memo? Is there anything positive that you can emphasize? How can you educate Jeff about the policy? Do not apologize: you have done nothing wrong!


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