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Q1 Occupational Health and Safety (16 marks) Jack works at a large green grocer shop on a busy street. Each morning he uses a forklift to unload crates of fruit and vegetables from trucks arriving at the rear of the shop. He drives the loaded forklift along the footpath at a slow speed to the front of the shop to unload the crates. This requires him to drive around two corners, where he cannot see if anyone is walking along the footpath. He sounds his horn to warn people of his approach and has never had an incident. a) Consider Jack’s actions in terms of risk? Identify three controls available that would reduce the risk. (6 marks) Barry is a new employee at a fishing company in Victoria. The company has just launched a new fishing boat. On its first fishing trip Barry had completes the unloading of some fish and commences hosing down the deck using the deck hose. It has been a long day and they are behind chedule. To make up time the captain starts the boat while Barry continues to clean up the deck. Barry is alone on the deck and does not have a life jacket. The weather is choppy but not severe. All of a sudden a large wave hits the side of the vessel causing a door in the boat railing to swing open and the boat to tilt severely. When the ship arrived back at port the crew could not find Barry. b) Evaluate the liability of Barry’s employer, the fishing company, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (VIC). (8 marks) c) Would your answer to (b) be different if Barry was found unharmed by a nearby boat? (2 marks)


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