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Computation Solutions, Inc., is a high-tech consulting firm that focuses on helping companies to implement and adapt new technological developments in daily operations. Ahmed is the department head and needs to train Omar and Reem, both project managers, on the proper applications of technological solutions for businesses.

Before beginning the training session, Ahmed informs both Omar and Reem that ________ is a system used to provide management with needed information on a regular basis.

Select one:

a. A system

b. Information

c. A management information system

d. Data

Ahmed also informs Omar and Reem that the term ________ in MIS implies order, arrangement, and purpose.

Select one:

a. Category

b. Information

c. System

d. Data

During the training session, Omar is overwhelmed by the quantity of raw, unanalyzed facts that are being presented to him. These numbers and names can also be termed ________.

Select one:

a. Information

b. Data

c. A system

d. A management information system

When Omar organizes and processes the raw, unanalyzed facts, he will have ________.

Select one:

a. A management information system

b. Information

c. Systems

d. Data


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