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Workforce Analytics Project
Part 3: Making the Recommendation (25%)

How to Proceed

The time has arrived to answer the final questions and make a recommendation on an initial workforce analytics project to the CEO:

  1. Do you feel that your current organizational culture will support using data to potentially impact people decisions? Why or why not? What, if anything would need to happen to support such a change?
  2. What methods could the organization use to overcome resistance?
  3. Of the two hypotheses statements you created in Assignment 1, which will you recommend to the CEO to move forward with as the organization’s first workforce analytics project? Explain the rationale for your choice including risks and costs.

Below are my two hypothesis from assignment 1

Hypothesis 1: Good communication skills helps to avoid conflict between the employees. As I mentioned in my previous assignment at my organization employees are facing communication barriers at workplace. When the organization takes an initiative to teach the employees to Improve communication skills it leads to manage conflicts in the workplace for example, having good communication skills helps the workers to raise questions to each other when they have any conflict or misunderstandings, workers can share their problems with their co-workers and team leaders. These all contributes to better understanding of what is being communicated.

Hypothesis 2: Training program for employees: Effective training programs lead to maintain good job performance and it also help to develop productivity of the organization. If we equip front-line employees and sales associates with training, they will be able to provide excellent customer service to all clients. Customers service training should be provided. Employees will put their new abilities and knowledge to work after the training since they will know how to deal with clients. Customers may then exhibit the required behavior. The productivity and reputation of the company will instantly improve with the employees training program.


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