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A private biscuits manufacturing industry in the emirate of Abu Dhabi has carried out the activities of production, packing and distributions of biscuits and confectionary items. Around 150 employees including office staff are working with the two shifts operations. The organisation has been nominated as a high risk entity and assume that you are the authorised person for managing the development, implementation and continuous improvement of an OHSMS in compliance with the requirements of OSHAD SF You have been assigned by the top management to prepare a project including the below Seven tasks requirements: Task 1: In order to complete this task, you have to describe the OHS duty of care arrangements for employees working the production or packing department Task 2: As part of your project, you need to identify the requirements for communication and consultation as per Element 4 of OSHAD SF. Task 3: Identify the training requirements of employees, safety representatives and others as per Element 5 of OSHAD SF. Task 4: Describe the OHS control hierarchy in determining compliance requirements as per the OSHAD SF. Also, you need to include at least one example for each of the hierarchy of controls for any hazards and risk identified in the above working environment. Task 5: Develop a non-compliance report template and include at least 3 examples of non-compliance could occur in the above working environment. Task 6: Analyze workplace HSE regulations, CoPs, standards, and workplace policies and procedures as per the requirements of OSHAD SF for the given scenario. Prepare the report by including all your findings. Task 7: Identify the limits of your own expertise and search for assistance from appropriate sources when necessary.


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