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  1. A vision statement is used to describe the ——state of the organization.
  1. Current
  2. Local
  3. Financial
  4. Future
  1. A mission statement describes the……….state of an organization and its primary gals or objective.
  1. Financial
  2. Current
  3. Future
  4. Local
  1. The mission statement acts as a—–, where it provides the direction that is to be followed by the organization while the vision statement provides the goal( or the destination) to be reached by following this direction.
  1. Telescope point
  2. Level Benchmark
  3. North Star
  4. Flashlight sight
  1. The vision and mission statements help to properly ———the resources of an organization towards achieving a successful future.
  1. Classify
  2. Restore
  3. Align
  4. None of the above
  1. THE —–provides the organization with a clear and effective guide for making decisions, while the—- ensures that all the decision made are properly aligned with what the organization hopes to achieve.
  1. Vision statement , Mission statement
  2. Company President , Vice president
  3. Mission statement , vison statement


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