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  1. Originally, Pitt Fitness had all their data in one large Excel spreadsheet. Suppose you were hired to help Pitt Fitness create a database to replace the spreadsheet. Outline the major steps you would perform to create a normalized database from the data in the spreadsheet.

  2. Assume that you designed the field LengthOfTime in the Classes table in the Pitt Fitness database. The LengthOfTime field has data such as 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 15 minutes. Is this the correct way to record this data? If not, what would be a better method?

  3. Suppose Pitt Fitness offered personal fitness training and the Customers table were designed as follows:

    Customers (CustomerID, LastName, FirstName, StreetAddress, City, State, ZipCode, EmailAddress, PhoneNumber, BirthDate, InstructorID)

    This design reflects that instructors also work as personal trainers. Which of the following fields is functionally dependent on InstructorID?

    a. LastName
    b. EmailAddress
    c. BirthDate
    d. None of the fields in the table is functionally dependent on InstructorID.

  4. Is InstructorLastName a candidate key along with InstructorID in the Instructors table?

    1. Yes, InstructorLastName could be used as a key field because no one instructor has the same last name.

    2. No, InstructorLastName could not be a key field because an instructor might join the team with the same last

      name as another instructor, such as a sibling.

    3. Yes, InstructorLastName could be used as a key field as long as it was spelled correctly.

    4. Yes, InstructorLastName could be used along with InstructorFirstName as a compound key field.


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