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How would you teach someone unfamiliar with technology to use a computer? Would you first teach him or her about the mouse? Or would you first teach him or her how to start the computer? The answers to these questions will come from the trainee, depending on his or her age; specific training need(s); and knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSA). To create a training program, you have to keep in mind the target audience profile, the key learning identified for the audience, the KSA of the audience, and the end task that the audience will perform after moving from the training environment to the work environment.

This week, you will complete your deliverables and submit them to the Instructor

1. Create a 1-hour (14 slides) training program on their assigned topic in the form of a PowerPoint presentation

The PowerPoint presentation should include the following components:

  • Title slide
    • Name of the training, course, and date
  • Reason for the training
    • Why has the training been developed?
  • Target audience
    • Who are the participants?
  • Expected outcomes (at least two)
    • What are participants expected to learn or to do as a result of the training?
  • The content of the training
    • What is the process and rationale for all training activities?
  • Conclusion


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