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Case Analysis: Use the Case Analysis Format Flexibility and dependability in the newsroom Television news is big business. Satellite and cable, as well the is delivered of dependability developments in terrestrial transmission, have all helped to boost the popularity of 24-hour news services. But news perishes fast. A daily newspaper delivered one day late is practically worthless. This is why broadcasting organizations like the BBC have to ensure that up-to-date news on time, every time. The BBC’s ability to achieve high levels is made possible by the technology employed in news gathering and editing. At one time news editors would have to schedule a video-taped report to startits countdown five seconds prior to its broadcasting will broadcast the instant the command to play is given. The team have faith time. With new technology the video can be started from a freeze-frame and in the dependability of the process. In addition, technology allows them the flexibility to achieve dependability, even when news stories break just before transmission. In the hours before scheduled transmission, journalists and editors prepare an ‘inventory’ of news items stored electronically. The presenter will prepare his or her commentary on the autocue and each item will be timed to the second. If the team needs to make a short-term adjustment to the planned schedule, the news studio’s technology allows the editors to take broadcasts live from journalists at their locations, on satellite ‘takes’, directly into the programme. Editors can even type news reports directly onto the autocue for the presenter to read as they are typed – nerve-racking, but it keeps the programme on time.

Questions for Discussion
1. What is process design?
2. What objectives should process design have?

3. How do volume and variety affect process design?
4. How are processes designed in detail?
5. Why is good product and service design important?
6. What are the stages in product and service design?
7. Why should product and service design and process design be considered interactively?
8. Why are people issues so important in operations management?
9. How do operations managers contribute to human resource strategy?


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