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Writing Assignment-3 Please answer below questions. Each paragraph should at least 150 words or more. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence, examples to illustrate your points, and conclusion.

1. Imagine you have a teammate who wants to do all the project work himself because he does not trust anyone else on the team to produce high-quality results. How would you respond to that teammate?

2. Research the topics of emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional quotient (EQ). Would you rather have teammates with high EI, EQ, or IQ? Does your answer change if you are working face to face rather than virtually? Explain.

3. In a few paragraphs, students will explain a recent team experience by describing six elements:
(1) the pros/cons of the experience
(2) the benefits of effective teamwork
(3) any conflict that occurred
(4) how the team overcame the conflict
(5) whether the student enjoyed the experience
(6) if they would have been able to accomplish the team’s purpose if they had completed the activity alone.


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