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Question 2: Review
2.1 Analyse the story below of an unsuccessful
entrepreneur and identify at least 2 qualities that were lacking and 2
important skills that were evident.
To begin with, we were
incredibly successful, and I’m sure this is due to the timing of our
launch. This is one of the most important factors I have since taken
forward with any venture – timing is everything. Although timing is key
to our initial success, a lack of passion was responsible for the
decline of the company. When I first started the company, I was very
motivated and enjoyed managing a small team, even if I wasn’t entirely
interested in debt collection, I was interested in being my own boss and
heading a company. However, I underestimated just how exhausting this
actually is and started becoming less and less motivated, before
eventually burning myself out and shutting our doors for good. What I
realised here is that even if you have done everything possible to
prepare, starting a company is an enormous task and is made even harder
if you don’t have the passion to drive you.
Qualities lacking


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