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Run With Us: Al Mouj Muscat Marathon
Imagine that you had attended sport event and it was as the following: The Sultanate organized a Marathon festival of running which held in Al Mouj Muscat and it was under the slogan “Run with us”. It was for two days on Wednesday and Thursday 26-27 June 2021. During the event you met a lot of people most of them Omanis and some few foreigners. Amazingly, you met number of Omani sports’ inspirational celebrities; Oman’s top goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi, sports-car racing driver Ahmad Al Harthi, Olympic show-jumper Sultan Al Touqi, sprinter Barakat Al Harthi, tennis player Fatma Al Nabhani, sailor and Olympic hopeful Musab Al Hadi. You also met alongside global ambassador and world record holder Paula Radcliffe, will act as role models to add to the collaborative effort by the event organisers, Oman Sail, and supporters to engage a bigger segment of the youth population to get active. The main purposes of the event were to grow the appeal to international runners and get more Omani youth active and to rise the awareness levels of diabetes, obesity and hypertension in Oman. Expressively, the Omani Goalie, Ali Al Habsi said, “Al Mouj Muscat Marathon is the perfect opportunity to engage the youth on the importance of being active. The annual event provides a fun platform for people to challenge themselves and work towards a fitness goal. My children took part in the kids run last year and really enjoyed the experience. I look forward to running in the event next year.” Tennis star Fatma Al Nabhani added, “It is an honour to be working with al Mouj Muscat Marathon on an amazing event that brings the whole nation together for a healthier future. The risk of not being physically active is too high. I would love to see more women participating in the event, because nothing is beyond our reach. I have never done anything like this before, but I love to challenge myself and hope that many people will join me at the event.”Opening day, on June 26th, had featured the main marathon event along with the half-marathon and 10km races. Day two, on June 27th, had featured the popular 5km Run and the Kids’ Run. All events hosted around Al Mouj Muscat, which will again provide a striking background for the range of athletic endeavors.The Muscat Marathon is a great match for our ambitions at Al Mouj Muscat to promote a healthy lifestyle for our multi-national residents and many visitors. The benefits of having an active lifestyle are very well proven and documented.
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