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JIT in Action

A new phenomenon called “Apparel on Demand is slowly making its presence felt. It is an extension of JIT linking retailers and manufacturers for a just-in-time responsiveness. Naar Clothing Inc., promoted by a young management graduate has recently ventured into the business of making reasonably priced custom jeans for women. It has partnered with many stores selling women garments. In the stores, women are electronically measured and information like colour, fabric, style, etc., are recorded. The information reaches the NaaR manufacturing facility at Ahmedabad almost immediately through a state-of-the-art information system. Naar guarantees delivery of the custom jeans within 10 days. With the growing acceptance of jeans among the women in India, specifically in the urban areas, the market for women’s jeans is growing at a fast pace. NaaR with its unique business model hopes to garner a significant share of this market. The promoter of NaaR along with her top executives is confident that their concept of JIT jeans would work.
i.) Do you think NaaR’s strategy would work? Why or why not? What is the importance of retailers in its business strategy?
ii.) Will customers wait for 10 days to have the jeans delivered? What can NaaR do to compete on customer service if delivery takes this much time?
111. Discuss on the necessity of a robust supply chain in the context of Naar Clothing Inc.
iv.) Compare and contrast six sigma and other TQM and draw a comparison with the JIT as advocated by NaaR.


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