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Your work for this module will be assessed through one written assignment of 3,000 words (10% variation) on the following:

Critically consider two of the (14) areas covered in the course in relation to a Vietnamese organization of your choice. Evaluate the extent to which these areas of strategic human resource management have been significant in helping the organization to achieve its business objectives.

To be clear, you are being asked to apply theories and concepts of Strategic Human Resources Management in a Vietnamese setting.

For this assignment, you should demonstrate an appreciation both of strategic human resource management theory and its implications for the current business environment in Vietnam.

Referenced resources may not be limited to the course textbook. You should be able to demonstrate a thorough analysis, namely:

  • To develop a sound underpinning of the fundamental philosophies and concepts of strategic HRM, their interrelationships and application within organizations

  • To analyze the environmental influences that affect HRM and evaluate the implications of these for managerial decision-making and business objectives

  • To apply theoretical perspectives in relation to strategic HRM within a practical context

    Special Instructions

  • All literature sources used to inform your work must be included in a full list of references.

  • All work should be presented word-processed using font size Time New Roman 13 and double line spaced. You must clearly specify the word count on the foot of the final page.

  • The word limit applies to the written paper only. The list of references and any title page are omitted. It should therefore be easy to get an accurate word count from your word-processing package.


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