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Facility to produce a wheelbarrow.

The product is “Wheelbarrow”
1) Please analyze the market and forecast the daily demand. Belongs to your findings, what is takt time? (You are free to select the values of the related parameters by yourself.)
Question 2) Please figure the exploded view and show the main parts in general. Assume there are no more than 4 parts in your product. Then, create the intended bill of material. Show the make/buy decisions in the intended bill of material table. Assume that you have at least 2 make decisions.
Question 3) Please create all needed route sheets.
Question 4) Please find the operations needed for production and find the number of machines used for these operations.
Question 5) Please create the operational chart.
Question 6) Assume that besides fabrication area, there are receiving, shipment, assembly, store, warehouses, restrooms, lunch room, offices and medical room areas. Create an activity relationship chart.
Question 7) Please create dimensionless block diagram and show the material flow on the diagram.
Question 8) Please apply “from-to-chart” for flow analysis in the fabrication area only. Calculate the efficiency, and show whether any changings on the lay out are needed or not. Explain the reasons clearly.
Question 9) Please apply “communication force diagram” for your office design.
Question 10) Please calculate the total area needed for fabrication only.
Question 11) Please figure the human machine chart for one of your assembly point (workcell). Assume that there are at least two machines, and there is only one operator in the selected workstation. It takes 1 minute to travel between machines, 4 minutes to load a machine, 1 minute to unload a machine, 6 minutes of automatic machine time and 1 minute to inspect and pack a finished part.


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