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This complexity has been taken up a notch again. The most loyal airline customers (eg Eite or Super Eite Ar Canadal passengers can now book a flight even if it is already overbooked or all tickets in a fare group have already been sold. airline rewards its most loyal customers by offering them something that is not available to everyone. Since nearly every dollar in revenue goes to an airline’s bottom line, the more a customer travels with it, the more revenue that airline earns. has the company a scalable platform to improve customer relationship management and applications financial analysis. ”In addition to revenue management, revenue accounting is crucial for an airline, because revenue can only be taken into account once passengers have taken their theft. This is another area in which the disappearance of paper tickets (most of the time. customer have been validated and that the amount paid can ultimately be taken into income.
As you can imagine, the ability to forecast passenger demand for a flight, and this at all price levels, is a very complex process that had never been considered in many times when people were counting the stubs of boarding cards for flights. establish the flight inventory. That is why I can assure you that the Si’s have become absolutely essential to the day-to-day operations of an airline. We will not go back to paper.
Questions:1. In terms of revenue management system, what are the transactional and analytical management components linked to the revenue management system?2 In a Covid-19 pandemic environment, what are the benefits of using an income management system?3. How could artificial intelligence be a component to increase the use of the revenue management system for the airline from the perspective of employees and customers?


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