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To be successful with this assignment, learners should include the following components from Module 1, Week 1 that are typical of aFOOD TRUCK business. These components are:
?The Problem: This is your hook that draws possible investors or supporters of your business into your pitch. This should resonate with the listener and help them to understand the problem your business is trying to solve.
?The Solution: Describe the key benefits of what your business offers to help solve the problem you outlined earlier.
?The Target Market: Explain your ideal customer, the size of your market space, and the opportunities your business will have to approach the market space.
?The Team: Brag about your knowledge, skills, and abilities that makes you able to use your business to solve the problem.
?The Ask: Make a request of your listener for support, resources, funding, mentorship, or whatever it is you feel you need to be successful in this business.
Tip: Avoid making your business pitch sound like a commercial. This is more of a description of your business that would attract investors, networkers, or supporters.


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