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Q-a) ‘Since last few years Sri Lanka is experiencing an economic crisis and at present the

situation has become more severe amidst the influences of the pandemic. From 2020, Sri
Lanka has cut down the imports of vehicles and by now, there are import restrictions on
farm chemicals, fertilizer, electronic equipment as well as many other products as its
foreign exchange reserves diminish. As a result of these import controls, prices of many
products including essential consumer goods, fuel, and construction materials are also
increasing. On the other hand, the country’s ability to repay its debt is also weakening
and the Fitch Ratings has downgraded Sri Lanka to its CCC category, indicating a real
possibility of default. Therefore, people of Sri Lanka are passing a very difficult time
period and it is expected to continue this situation in coming few years too’.
Identify three (03) international/ global players operate in the Sri Lankan market and
discuss the influences of the above economic crisis on the business operations of those
players. What are your suggestions to overcome such negative effects of the above
situation on them?

* Subject – International Marketing

* only want 200-250 around words for answer

* please give me quick answer. It was very valuable


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