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Why are Leon Festinger’s contributions important to either field? Did their particular contributions lead to the development of any other theories, areas of study, policies?

o Identify the connection between Leon Festinger and your specific interests within the field. ? How does Leon Festinger’s, and their contributions, inform or aid your specific interest? o Identify and describe the connection between the key thinker Leon Festinger, and their ideas/contributions and any of the principles of communication and media we discussed in the course. o Select one theory or idea of the key thinker Leon Festinger. ? Explain the theory in detail. ? Apply the theory to a current piece of media, a popular culture trend, or an issue in our society. ? Depending on the theory you choose and how you apply it, you can analyze a piece of media, show relevance of the theory to something that is an issue today, illustrate how the theory can be used to study a current issue, or explain how the theory lead to or is applicable to a current popular trend. The path you choose will depend again on your key thinker, the selected theory, and how you are applying it. ? Your visual essay should consists of a combination of your voiceover, images, music, and text to address all of the above. ? Your visual essay must be supported by a minimum of 3 academic sources. Be sure to include a works cited page at the end of your visual essay. ? Most of the visual essays will be too long to upload into blackboard directly, so please first upload it to YouTube and provide a link to view the video.


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