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the company in (Qbake) in qatar

1. Give a description of the selected organization and the system, which you want to develop. Explain business rules of the organization for customer order placement and tracking.
2. What type(s) of data will be needed as input into your proposed system. What will be the format of the required data and where will it come from? (E.g., financial data drawn from company sales transactions? Click-stream data from a website…). Define all data objects (entities) used in your proposed system.
3. Use suitable data model to manage the data. Create a UML, ERD, or any suitable diagram that presents a data model for this situation. Identify the cardinalities/type of each relationship-whether the relationship is one to one or one to many. Your diagram must show fully normalized relations (3NF). Then you need to create its associated relational tables
4. Perform at least 6 queries that summaries the key data in your project that support decision making process. Explanation and justification for each query should be included. Use print screen of queries and their outputs if required to include in your report .


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