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Select scenario dilemmas from the below list of seven scenarios and provide the required response and advice.
Write as if summarising a pitch to the company, use the first and second person when writing about your team and addressing the CEO or Executive respectively.
Check your work against the rubric in Appendix One.
Word limit: 500 words per scenario

Marketing Starrs is a small but highly successful marketing firm with a growing national and international clientele. The firm is owned and managed by its founders, the Starr sisters, Serena and Olive. Serena was an outstanding marketing graduate and Olive, an equally outstanding graduate in HRM and accounting. Part of the sisters’ success lies in their recruitment strategy and firm structure. The sisters have only ever recruited the brightest marketing graduates with a strong achievement motivation. The sisters designed the firm around ‘client teams’ that are highly autonomous and effective but also competitive. The internal competition among the teams creates greater team cohesiveness which is further strengthened by monthly performance bonuses paid to the team with the highest sales revenue. The team members work hard, socialise together, and are fiercely loyal to their team. However, Olive Starr has begun to notice that the inter-team competition had developed to a point where overt conflicts were appearing, culminating in a recent physical fight between two teams at a firm social function. Olive spoke to Serena about the problem and they agreed it was time to do something to stop the conflict. They have sought the advice of your consultancy on what should be done.


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