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12:20 . 56 Discussion 5: Strategy-Evaluation… Instructions 1. According to your textbook, the strategy- evaluation process consists of three basic activities: . Examine the underlying bases of a firm’s strategy. . Compare expected results with actual results. . Take corrective actions to ensure that performance conforms to the plan. 2. Which of the three strategy-evaluation activities do you think is most critical to be performed well? Why? 3. Read and reply to at least two (2) posts from any classmates. A simple statement such as, “good” or “I agree” does not constitute a substantial comment. Your post will be graded as follows: • Clear and concise answers to all questions – 80% • Substantial comment to one classmate – 10% • Substantial comment to one more classmates – 10% Criteria for Success: For more details on how you will be graded, enter the Start Thread


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