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The Inter Price Group (IPG) is a chain of Supermarkets operating all around Mauritius, with 10 outlets and a 500 staff strong at all levels from the Store Worker up to the CEO. IPG works in a tough competitive environment with several other competitors. Hence, improvement of Performance is critical in order to attain the objective of being the No1 Supermarket chain in Mauritius. This objective needs to be achieved while taking into consideration the rather high staff turnover rate in this sector. As a Management Consultant, you have been recruited by the Inter Price Group (IPG) Human Resource Manager to advise them on the way forward. You are requested present a comprehensive and concise report to Management to :-

1. Describe the concept of a Performance Management System and explain its application at IPG.

2. Identify and describe Five (5) possible Performance Appraisal Rating Errors (Distortions) and indicate how these Possible Errors can be avoided.

3. Describe the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and how its application may be of use at IPG.

4. Identify and describe how the Staff can be motivated and retained at IPG.


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