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‘No vaccine, no job’
Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) staff have been informed they will face termination if they don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine.
Acting CEO Jonetani Vuto said this in a correspondence sent out to all employees on Thursday.
“We respect everyone’s choice or decision, however, the organisation has a duty to ensure the health and safety of the workers and our role to provide a safe workplace,” he said.
“Since getting vaccinated is now a requirement for FRCS staff, therefore only those who have been vaccinated (first and second) will be considered for contract renewal. Staff that still have a valid contract will be reviewed and only those who have been vaccinated will continue and those who choose not to get vaccinated and with rights respected will be reviewed for termination of contract.”
Mr Vuto said staff with medical issues and those who were pregnant were required to produce medical certificates.
“We want you to feel confident in your decision to get vaccinated.
“By getting vaccinated you can serve as a role model in your community and can positively influence vaccination decisions of co-workers, friends, family and everyone around us.”
Mr Vuto said FRCS staff were vulnerable to the risk of being exposed to COVID-19.
HRM501 Assessment 10%, S1,2021. pg. 2
“The purpose of this circular is to advise all staff that getting COVID-19 vaccination is now a requirement for FRCS.”
The Fiji Times spoke to Mr Vuto on Thursday and he asked that questions be emailed to him. He did not respond to emails sent to him on Thursday and again yesterday

1. “Only those who have been vaccinated (first and second) will be considered for contract renewal”. Do you agree or not with the policy? Discuss three reasons why.
2. Discuss three benefits of following health and safety practices at workplace?
3. Why do you think a transparent compensation policy is so important to motivating a workforce?
4. “Performance appraisal is not only for appraisal but is for achievement and improvement of performance”. Discuss three reasons how getting vaccinated can improve organization performances.
5. Make six recommendations how you can make a workplace safe during this period of covid-19.


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