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Group Assignment– Housekeeping


Elecom is a company specialising in providing telecommunication solutions with a fleet of vehicles nearing 20 vehicles and over hundred staffs. Elecom is reputed for his excellent fibre optics works and as this field is of promising future, the management of the company is currently recruiting newcomers to join an exciting technical team. It is to be noted that the technical team comprises of only male employees. However, in the administration, HR and finance, one can see mostly female employees.
Paula, David, John. Perty, Raj, Simon, Akhtar, Melanie and Yovan have been freshly appointed by Elecom to join the said exciting technical team. All of them have been recruitment in one batch and their orientation programme has been scheduled way ahead before their employment. It was one week duration for the orientation programme.
Each candidate has been allocated a specific area but any area has the same level of works associated with them. For example bidding exercises, sourcing and procurement of materials, transport arrangements, laying of cables, site management including its corresponding safety measures are applicable to all sites.
Each candidate was closely monitored and coached by his/her superior during the first six months.
However, given the nature of work is most of the time male, none realised that a female toilet/changing room would be required on site and that the necessary arrangements in this regard simply failed.
George, the team leader for the technical department at Elecom reminded the new recruits during the orientation programme that for any issue(s) being encountered, do it a must to come forward so that Elecom can improve.
5) Some cable laying is not in trenches but in risers of buildings. The risers are vertical on each floor up to ceilings and the tying of cables requires stepladders. List down what are safety precautions you would take whilst one uses a stepladder.
6) Some special glue is required, including heat treatment for the splicing of the cables. The technical team consists of experienced, less experienced and novice candidates in the team. Explain stepwise, what you would recommend as an engineer for an accident free workplace.
7) Risers and trenches are sometimes small in size, with insufficient workplace space, making a job risky. What are the special precautions to be taken in such cases?
8) George noted none of the newly recruited candidates arrive at their site of work on time. What are the disciplinary measures that George can take to restore the level of professionalism at the working place?


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