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The invisible danger of compressed air
Natalina Industries Co Ltd (NICL) is a textile manufacturing industry. To-date, NICL exports its products of reputed make such as shorts, T-shirts, shirts, skirts, trousers, blouses, scarfs and socks made up of cotton flax, wool, ramie and silk fabrics to Europe, USA and Taiwan amongst others. NICL has been in the industry for around a decade and has been profitable by setting the standards of safety high in its premises. NICL can be said to be one of the ten most successful textile companies in the region and there is way to achieve more.
Whilst NICL comprises of the following Technical departments: R&D, Fibre production, Yarn production, Fabric production, Pre-treatment, Dyeing and Printing, Finishing treatments and Manufacturing the Non-technical departments are Procurement, Administration, Finance, HR, Marketing, Transport and Sales. The engineering team does comprise of a health and safety engineer, dedicated for safety enhancement
Each technical department are provided with feeders such electrical power for powering up of equipment, lighting, extraction systems, fire alarm system and fire attenuation sprinklers, compressed air lines, water supply, telephony system and public address system for communication purposes.
Each department is separated using fire resistant walls and all forklift are powered using solely electricity.
All maintenance tasks are carried out in-house and only repairs beyond the competence of the maintenance workers are outsourced.
Training is on-going at NICL and it can be felt a sense of enthusiasm to talk to every employees working there. There is a feeling factor of comfort and you are called to join the team after having successfully passed the interview.
1) The first day you joined the company, you did not know the premises but were told by your immediate superior to be familiar with and you were told to have a stroll in the company until lunch break, after which you would be briefed about the tasks you would be doing. Identify this inconvenience as in what NICL is lacking during your first day at work
2) You noted that employees of NICL use have dust on their clothes whilst working and would use the compressed air hoses that are meant to inflate forklift tyres to clean themselves by pressing on the handle and direct it over themselves. What is the probable cause of injury using compressed air? How can you prevent such recurrence at NICL?
3) You are called work on the feeders to each department. Explain briefly how you would proceed taking into consideration the interruption of all production lines without forgetting safety aspect.
4) You identified a group of young electricians, unaware of the safety practices. Being someone of much experience in this field, you are called to train them. What would you emphasize during your training?


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