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In this report, you will analyse arandomised subset of a survey. This subset only has threevariables, namely read[reading score], female[gender: 0 and 1 denotes male and female respectively], and write[writing score]. Task 1:Identify data type(3 marks)State for each variablein the subsetwhether it is qualitative or quantitative; if it is qualitative, state whether it is nominal or ordinal, and if it is quantitative, state whether it is discrete or continuous.Task 2: Perform descriptive summary of the variable write(10marks)Find the sample mean and sample standard deviation as well as the 5-number summary of the variable write. Create a boxplotshowing the distribution of thevariable write. Comment upon the shape of the distribution, i.e., either symmetric,skewedto the left or skewed to the right.Are there any outliers present? State which central measure(mean or median)would be best to use to describe the centre of this distribution andprovide the reason(s).Task 3:Show the difference of writeby female(5marks)Construct side-by-side boxplots for the variable writeby the variable female(i.e., the two groups are male and female). Briefly comment upon any differences you observe in writefor the two groups.Task 4:Show the relationship between the variable readand write(5marks)Construct a scatter plot of writeagainst read(i.e., values of writeand value of readare on the Y-axis and X-axis respectively). Comment on the relationship, i.e., whether it has upward trend(i.e., as the value of read increases, the value of write also increases), notrend, or downward trend(i.e, as the value of read increases, the value of write decreases).

Task 5: find the 95% confidence intervalof the mean write of the male group and the female group separately. Determinewhether the means are significantlydifferent.When the two confidence intervalsoverlap,it suggests thatthe two means are not significantlydifferent.On the other hand, When the two confidence intervalsdo not overlap, itsuggests thatthe two means aresignificantlydifferent.(10 marks)Conclusion:(7marks)From the tasks above, you should have some idea of the relationship between readand write. Also, you can see the difference of writefor male and female. In this section, write a short reportsummarising your main findings.


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