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1. According to a recent survey by Brighter Planet, although more firms are engaging in green activities, the effectiveness of these efforts has declined. Some believe that the problem with corporate social responsibility is that ________.

Group of answer choices

corporate social responsibility is a load of value-destroying nonsense

corporations really don’t want to pursue social responsibility

each firm has to follow a universal set of corporate social responsibility guidelines

no universal set of corporate social responsibility guidelines is available

2. Which of the following is NOT required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?

Group of answer choices

Publicly traded firms must not discharge employees who report ethical abuses.

Corporations must not provide financial loans to executives or directors.

Publicly traded firms must disclose whether they have a code of ethics for top executives.

Bank-holding companies and SEC reporting banks must have codes of ethics.

3. In which Supreme Court decision was it held that same-sex sexual harassment may be unlawful under Title VII?

Group of answer choices

Meritor Savings Bank v Vinson

Harris v Forklift Systems, Inc.

Miller v Bank of America

Oncale v Sundowner Offshore Services


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