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Mr. Randy is a manager handling the IT operations of Gayamoko, Inc., a small import-export enterprise in Tondo. He has been with the company since he graduated 17 years ago. He managed the information and communication systems for the company. All systems were developed in-house while the computers and servers were assembled by his technician.

In 2009, a typhoon massive rainfall and caused severe flooding in Luzon, particularly in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. In just 9 hours, the typhoon dumped over a month’s volume of rain. The typhoon lasted for a few days and brought massive damage to the affected areas.

The main office of Gayamoko was under water and all computers were destroyed including the data and programs. All 53 personnel were all safe and were able to return back to work after a week. Upon their return, the company discovered all paper receipts and records were damaged by water and are beyond recovery. The owner, Mr. King Kong, tasked Mr. Randy to recover the system in one month. The operations of the company now depend on him as everyone needs to access the system records to do their work.

Mr. Randy realized that most transactions for the past 5 years were done via email. He began talking and asking help in re-building the company records. The back-up tape of the system was also submerged in water. The bank records were intact because they were stored on the second floor of the building. There were a couple of flash drives, with some customer and transaction records, brought home by his office mates. Other than that, there is nothing more he can salvage.

With this challenge, Mr. Randy is clueless on how he will recover all records and bring his company back to life. It seems all is lost unless he can think of a solution. If he gets his job done right, he can claim the title to be a successful IT Manager.


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