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Question 26 (1 point)

Because owners often personally interact with all employees each day, small companies fostered a “culture of inflexibility” such as being less supportive and understanding when work/life issues emerge because they have so few employees.

Question 26 options:


Question 27 (1 point)

With deferred profit-sharing plans, the employer puts cash awards into trust accounts for the employees’ retirement.

Question 27 options:


Question 28 (1 point)

Cultural factors include basic values and how these values manifest themselves in the nation’s art, social programs and ways of doing things and cultural differences help shape human resource policies.

Question 28 options:


Question 32 (1 point)

Adaptability screening procedures aim to assess the probable success of the employee and spouse in handling the foreign transfer and includes work and non-work experience and connection to demonstrated living abroad with different cultures.

Question 32 options:



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