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During loading operations an untrained employee has driven the company forklift truck over the end of the loading bay. The untrained employee did not ask permission to drive the forklift; no manager was available at the time; the keys were in the forklift and he thought he was competent enough to complete the loading of the truck himself. He thinks the forklift may have skidded on something on the loading bay floor.

The employee has suffered a broken leg, the forklift is a write-off, and the HSE Inspector who was on site within an hour of the accident, said they are likely to prosecute the company under HASAW 1974, section 2, breach of duty to employees and lack of training.

From the information given calculate the approximate cost of the accident to the employer. Consider all aspects of the accident: include items such as fines, court costs, equipment replacement costs, loss of production and possible compensation claims.


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