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Review the following list of common types of gifts and favors. Place x next to the items that you think would be acceptable for a purchasing manager to receive from a vendor. ____ Advertising souvenirs ______ Automobiles _______ Clothing _______ Dinners ________ Discounts on personal purchases ____ Food and liquor ______ Golf outings _______ Holiday gifts _______ Large appliances ________ Loans of money ____ Lunches ______ Small-value appliances ________ Tickets (sports, theater, amusement parks, etc) ____ Trips to vendor plants ______ Vacation trips

2.Review your list of acceptable gifts through different lenses. Would your list change if the purchasing manager’s buying decision involved a low-cost items (say, pens)? Why or why not? What if the decision involved a very expensive purchase (like a major installation)?


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