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As shown in Exhibit 1, Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing B787-900 aircraft flies 8773 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Airport to Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport and stopover at Tokyo Narita (NRT) Airport (KUL-NRT-LAX). The flight time duration is 11 hours and 30 minutes. Passengers on-board consist of 40 business class passengers, 35 premium economy class passengers and 110 economy class passengers. The flight also carried 100 tonnes of cargo. The operating revenue is USD 153,000 and operating expenses is USD 135,000. (Use 70kg as the weight of one passenger). Calculate the following:

1. Available Seat Kilometre (ASK)

2. Revenue Passenger Kilometre (RPK)

3. Passenger Load Factor (PLF)


5.Unit Cost

6.Freight Tonne Kilometres (FTK)

7.Revenue Tonne Kilometres (RTK)

Base on the calculation and your analysis on this airline route. What is your opinion on the status of this route operation, should the airline continue to operate the route or terminate operating of the route. Please state your reason base on your opinion stated.


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