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1.Justin Lockley was sick of his new neighbor, Karl Rogers. Every night Rogers played his music at the loudest possible level and it kept Justin up the entire night. Sleep deprived and angry, Justin tells his partner, “Can you believe Rogers is disturbing us like this? I am going to kill that @$%&*!” Despite his anger, Justin eventually falls to sleep and forgets his outburst at 3 a.m. Alarmed by Justin’s threatening statement, Justin’s partner called the police and reported him. Has Justin committed a crime justifying his arrest and prosecution? Explain your response.

2. create your own example of criminal conduct that would result in a guilty verdict for bribery.

3. List three defenses for criminal liability and detail why these defenses are successful, if proven.

4. Describe how the shareholder profit-maximization model is different from stakeholder theory.

5. Starving Sam goes by the home of Maria Martinez. Maria is known for her delicious flan dessert. Maria sits it by the window to cool and just then, Sam walks by and smells the custard. He just can’t resist sweets. Sam reaches into the window and removes the flan. Has Sam committed burglary? What are the issues here based on the definition of burglary?

6. Your employee, Marisa, is drunk on the job. After the death of her mother, Marisa has had a very difficult time coping and often drinks on her lunch break. At 3 p.m., when dealing with an irate customer, Marisa walks up to the customer and slaps her. Marisa claims that she lacks capacity and therefore, she should not be criminal liable and therefore, you should not fire her. Is that an excuse? Explain.


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