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Thinking about your retailer that you’ve been following this semester:

Go to your chosen retailer’s website or visit one of their locations and audit the breadth (variety) and depth (assortment) for one specific merchandise classification and category


  • Girls Size 4-6 as the classification and sportswear as the category at a department store (
  • Produce as the classification and apples as the category at a supermarket
  • Dinners as the classification and chicken dishes as the category at a restaurant

Questions to answer when looking at that one specific merchandise classification and category for your chosen retailer:

  1. Discuss the breadth and depth of the assortment in that merchandise classification and category.
  2. Estimate the number of SKUs available in the merchandise category
  3. Now play retail consultant… should the assortment in this merchandise classification and category be larger, smaller or stay the same? Support your answer with terms from the course!
  4. Compare the amount of PRIVATE LABEL BRAND merchandise to NATIONAL BRAND merchandise in this assortment. Why do you think your retailer has this ratio of private to national brands?
  5. This one might take a little research, but – in your own words – describe one way that your retailer is dealing with legal, ethical or socially responsible behavior in regards to merchandise buying


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