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Shorter production runs and multiple configurations of products do not work well in traditional manufacturing settings. Shorter runs require less material on the line. Most manufacturers still bring a full pallet to the line when needing only a third of the material on the pallet. As multiple product models flow through the assembly line, more pallets with parts for each model fill the work cell. These are necessary to accommodate quick changeovers on the line. The result is a high level of chaos. Aisles become more congested as traffic bringing (and returning) material to the line increases. Workers must use more steps to access the correct component for each model. The possibility of workers attaching the wrong material for the product model increases. Finally, safety issues rise. The good news is it is possible to reduce excess inventory and still meet production goals. With this regard,

1.1 Discuss how excessive inventory becomes a waste in the production process (10)

1.2 Discuss some relevant approaches that could be implemented to minimise the waste stated in question


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