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n order for a company to require an employee to sign a …………………….agreement, the company must give something of…………………..

to the employee.

Question 9 (Mandatory) (2 points)

A nondisclosure agreement and a noncompete agreement can be:

Question 9 options:

signed by both employees and independent contractors.

signed by employees, but not independent contractors

signed by independent contractors, but not employees

None of the these.

Question 10 (Mandatory) (2 points)

Which is NOT a good way to keep a company’s trade secrets confidential?

Question 10 options:

Always discuss trade secrets in writing.

Require employees to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Restrict photocopying of documents containing trade secrets.

Restrict camera phones in meetings and other locations where trade secrets are discussed or documented.

Question 11 (2 points)


The book, A Civil Action by Johnathan Harr, what is Facher’s Plea referring to?

Question 11 options:

A request for a company service to survey potential jurors in the Boston area.

A request to continue the trial for six months to a year.

A proposal to settle the litigation for $175 million.

An invitation to opposing counsel to dine at the Four Seasons.


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