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Which of the following statements is consistent with the Elaboration Likelihood Model?

O Those consumers using the central route will listen and learn about your product arguments, but they will be resistant to persuasion and attitude change.
O Consumers using the peripheral route will be open to persuasion, but their attitudes will be weak and open to change by another advertiser.
O Source characteristics are more persuasive for peripheral route processors than central route processors.
O All of the above are true.
O None of the above are true.
What learning model best explains how advergames influence consumers?
O Operant conditioning
O Classical conditioning
O Cognitive learning theory
O Vicarious learning
O None of the above can explain how advergames influence consumers
It is often said that failing to remember something is not a failure of memory, but is a failure of:

O Encoding through elaborations of meaning

O Limited space in long term memory

O The inadequate use of short term memory’s space

O All of the above

ONone of the above


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