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Here is question :

Please read the following NLRB ruling on employee rights using social media — when you have finished, please post your thoughts on the following questions:

do you agree or disagree with the ruling (make sure you fully explain your position!)?

what other things should (or should not) employees be allowed to say or do regarding their employer?

where do you think these types of rulings will head in the future?

Here is classmate post : Section 7 of the NLRA was put in place to protect concerted activities using social media. None of the provisions put in place restricted an employees right to engage in these activities. So, yes, I do agree with the ruling. Each of these provisions protected the company and its employees. In my opinion, I agree that a person should not drag a company name on social media because of minor work inconveniences. The only time this is acceptable is when an individual is coming forward to address working conditions for the good of the whole group.

In the future, I see companies placing even stricter rules on social media usage. These provisions protect internal company data and employees rights while at work. Social media impact is growing more every day and more people are using it now than ever. It is very common for information to go viral, very quickly, that is false or somewhat false. Social media policies is helpful in preventing bad publicity for the company as well as protecting employee’s while at work.


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