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1. Which term below usually consists of three or more people who work
independently to attain organizational goals?
a. A phalanx
b. A group
A team
d. Posse
2. The effectiveness of work teams depends on –
a. The
adaptability of the organization
b. The employee’s loyalty
c. The item
that they produce
d. How well they are managed and treated within the
3. Beth is working with a small group of five coworkers put
together by their CEO, Ben. They have been instructed to take care of
an inequality in their manufacturing plant. Beth and her team have the
authority to make decisions by themselves without the approval of Ben.
Beth is working in –
a. A virtual team and a problem-solving team
b. A
cross-functional team
c. Both a self-managing team and a virtual team
Both a self-managing team and a problem-solving team
4. Of the three
levels of interdependence, which element below is not included?
Progression interdependence
b. Pooled interdependence
c. Sequential
d. Reciprocal interdependence
5. What type of
interdependence takes place when one team member completes a piece of
work and passes it on to the next member for his or her input, as on an
assembly line?
a. Reciprocal interdependence
b. Sequential
c. Affiliated interdependence
d. Pooled interdependence
6. Which group development stage is described as the team members
resolve the conflict and begin to work well together and become more
a. Adjourning
b. Storming
c. Norming
d. Performing


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